Athletx 9: Our line-up of how we play our game!


The Athletx 9 is the foundational line-up in which we operate. Our strategy is to emphasize excellence within our team which then translates on the field. We believe with team success comes participant satisfaction.

Where We’ve Come From & Where We’re Going


Athletx sports group had it’s debut in 2012 with a mere vision of  Baseball Nationals. Since grown to be a leader in the youth baseball and softball industries, Athletx defines competitive impactful game play and provides unique opportunities for young athletes and their futures.

  1. 2012

    Co-Founders, John Ruby and Jim Haddaway, form Athletx in Louisville, KY and begin to conceptualize the Youth Baseball Nationals week-long experience

  2. 2013

    The 1st Youth Baseball Nationals event is held in Kentucky

  3. 2015

    The 1st Youth Softball Nationals event is held in Texas

  4. 2016

    Aaron Flaker joins the ownership group and new parent company, Athletx Sports Group is officially formed

  5. 2017

    The Baseball Youth media and events brand joins the Athletx Sports Group family

  6. 2018

    The Game Day USA events brand and Janor Sports team apparel brand join the Athletx Sports Group family

Want to Grow with Us?

Join us in bettering the industry for our athletes!