Executive Team

Jim Haddaway

Co-Founder & CEO

Aaron Flaker

Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

John Ruby

Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer

Matt Roberts

Partner & Chief Media/Marketing Officer

Rich Janor

Partner & President of GameDay USA

Tom Davidson

Partner & President of Pastime Tournaments
& Mid-America Baseball

Rick Goff

Partner & President of TravelBall Select

Wesley Jones

Partner & President of NET Elite

Christine Herring

Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

Event Team

Chelsea Ancona

Senior Director of Events & Operations

Ryan Rosmonowski

Senior Director of Events & Operations

Mike Moyzis

Director of Operations & Event Personnel

Kyle Cornett

Assistant Director of Operations
& Senior Event Director

Kirbey Johnson

Manager of Events & Operations

Brent Miller

Vice President & National Director of Pastime Tournaments

Tate Thoreson

National Director Mid-America Baseball

Landon Hutchison

National Scouting Coordinator
& Regional Director

Jason Sewell

Youth Director

Brad Jones

General Manager

Korey Schrock

Director of Events and Recruiting

Alex Tooley

Accounting Manager

Carrie Belcher

Operations Assistant

Recruitment Team

Allison Honkofsky

Director of Fastpitch Softball

Alicja Wolny

Recruiting Coordinator & Brand Development

Tyler Fitch

Recruiting Coordinator

Taber Klinglesmith

Baseball Youth Recruiter

Jacob Metry

Versus Recruiting Coordinator

Team Relations

Alex Kerber

Team Relations Manager

Laura Rusenovich

Director of Communications

Karen Pugliese

Team Relations Manager

Aubree Muse

Team Relations Assistant & Event Planner

Marketing Team

Bill Hammond

Director of Web Development & IT

Rachel Wells

Creative Director & Marketing Strategist

Jama Gibson

IT & Website Manager

Jacob Hockemeyer

Social Media & Operations Coordinator

Anthony Grassi

Director of Content Strategy

JT Murphy

Digital Media Strategist & Team Relations Assistant

Group Housing Team

Kristen Altman

Executive Sourcing Director

Ryan Evans

Senior Sourcing Director

Serving Brands

Mid-America Baseball
Pastime Tournaments
TravelBall Select

Emma Littrell

Senior Sourcing Director

Serving Brands

Game Day USA
New Year’s BaseballFest

Rachel Piotrowicz

Sourcing Director

Serving Brands

Baseball Youth
Youth Baseball Nationals
Youth Softball Nationals
Youth World Series

Andrea Kelly

Senior Housing Manager

Madi Arthur

Sourcing Specialist

John Magers

Operations & Sourcing Specialist

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