Executive Team

Jim Haddaway

Co-Founder & CEO

Aaron Flaker

Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

John Ruby

Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer

Matt Roberts

Partner & Chief Media/Marketing Officer

Rich Janor

Partner & President of Game Day USA

Tom Davidson

Partner & President of Pastime Tournaments

and Mid-America Baseball

Event Team

Chelsea Ancona

Senior Director of Events & Operations

Ryan Rosmonowski

Senior Director of Events & Operations

Allison Honkofsky

Director of Fastpitch Softball

Michael E Smith

Senior Director of Logistics & Merchandise

Mike Moyzis

Director of Operations & Event Personnel

Kyle Cornett

Assistant Director of Operations & Senior Event Director

Jeanni McCallum

Purchasing & Retail Manager

Mike Davis

Event Director & Planner

Lillie Nitzken

Event Director & Recruiting Coordinator

Eric Moore

Event Logistics & Warehouse Manager

Don Flynn

Senior Director of Development and Relationships

Laura Shain

Event Coordinator

Dallas Adkins

Event Director & Planner

Karen Pugliese

Team Relations Manager

Recruitment Team

Eric Walton

Director of Recruiting – Youth Baseball Nationals

Tyler Wells

Director of Player Development

Jamie Valvano

Recruiting Coordinator

Marketing/Media Team

Taylor Alexander

Senior Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Bill Hammond

Director of Web Development & IT

Anthony Grassi

Director of Content Strategy

Jett Kaufman

Content Strategist

Haley Simpson

Digital Media Strategist

Tyler Haddaway

Web Developer & IT

Kieran Bender

Graphic Designer

Rachel Wells

Graphic Designer

Tyler Klondike

Marketing & Partnerships Manager / Event Planner