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AthletesGoLive is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Athletx Sports Group.

ATLANTA, GA – AthletesGoLive is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Athletx Sports Group. This partnership will deem AthletesGoLive as the Official Live Scoring and Live Streaming Platform for Athletx Sports Group.

Since its foundation in 2012, Athletx Sports Group has brought together multiple brands under one banner and is one of the fastest-growing private companies. Collectively, the Athletx Sports Group brands represent hundreds of events and thousands of teams and players throughout the country. Athletx boasts a strong media presence and along with AthletesGoLive will now expand the exposure of teams and players through the baseball and softball world.

The goal of the partnership is to provide at no cost, an all-in-one streaming, digital scoring and recruiting app to all of the teams, athletes, families, and coaches associated with the Athletx Sports Group brands. Players and teams will benefit from live stats, video footage and player awards. Fans will have access to watch their players by teams that stream games and purchase a subscription. Athletes, parents and teams will additionally benefit by gaining direct access to 3000+ college coaches with their Athlete Profile.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Athletx Sports Group. The Athletx Sports Group is the next evolution of events with a strong media presence and AGL is proud to be a part” said Andrew Biele, CEO of AthletesGoLive. “Working with the Athletx Sports Group will help create an even greater experience for both athletes and fans throughout the baseball and softball world.”

“We are excited to work with AthletesGoLive. Our strategy is to emphasize excellence within our team which then translates on the field. We believe with team success comes participant satisfaction and AthletesGoLive will be a great new part of our team,” said Co-Founders John Ruby and Jim Haddaway. “We look forward to building something special long-term with AthletesGoLive.”

The staff at AthletesGoLive is proud to bring the game to families, fans and athletes everywhere! Learn how to set up your Team Account on the Athlete'sGoLive website!

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