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SY & JUNK Brands Form Sponsorship for All-American Games

Softball Youth, a company of Athletx Sports Group and the nation’s fastest growing network for providing media coverage and events to the fastpitch market, has reached an agreement with JUNK Brands, an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of athletics accessories, to make JUNK the official on-field headband of the Softball Youth All-American Games. Through this new partnership, JUNK will provide Softball Youth athletes with two custom headbands to match their custom Softball Youth All-American uniforms. JUNK’s premium quality headbands will also be available on-site at Athletx Sports Group events throughout the summer.

“We’re so excited to introduce our athletes to the fun, unique designs provided by JUNK Brands,” said Taylor Watson, Senior Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Athletx Sports Group. “We are dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience to all of our youth athletes, parents and coaches, and this partnership is yet another example of that commitment.”
“JUNK Brands is honored to be partnering with Athletx Sports Group and their unique and exciting Softball Youth All-American Games experience,” said Craig Life, President of JUNK Brands. “As we move further into the softball market, we knew teaming up with Athletx Sports Group & Softball Youth would be the best collaboration to make the biggest impact. We are excited for the players to rock their inaugural All-American Games headbands and to see what the first year of this partnership has in store!”

About Softball Youth
Softball Youth is the nation’s fastest growing network for providing media coverage and additional services to the youth fastpitch market. Our premier event is the Softball Youth All-American Games, which will be held at several locations around the country throughout August. Just as our Baseball Youth brand covers the youth baseball market, Softball Youth aims to become the industry leader in youth softball. Softball Youth is owned and operated by Athletx Sports Group.

About JUNK Brands
JUNK Brands is an athletic accessories company that specializes in performance headbands.  Founded in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2011 as a dream of two entrepreneurs determined to show off their personalities and to keep sweat out of their eyes during rigorous workouts. These headbands were designed, printed, and sewn in Arkansas from day one and that has never changed. Today we have sold over 1 million headbands to athletes all over the world. Our products are tested to meet the demands of today’s modern athlete both through fit and our use of the highest quality sweat wicking and breathable fabrics. We’re well known in general fitness but our name transcends most every functional fitness box in the USA. As the Official Headband for the Spartan Race Elites, these athletes depend on our headwear at every competition to keep them moving free and clear of aggravating sweat and heat all across the world. Even professional athletes like Bryce Harper, Adrian Peterson, Josh Donaldson and Andrew Benintendi trust JUNK Brands to help keep them performing their best. Our unique designs allow our customers to show off their personalities and even their fandom through our variety of licensed products from the MLB, Realtree and over 35 Major Universities.

About Athletx Sports Group
Since its foundation in 2012, Athletx Sports Group has brought together multiple brands under one banner, including Baseball Youth, Softball Youth, Drive & Company, Game Day USA, Youth Baseball Nationals, Youth Softball Nationals, Pastime Tournaments and Mid-America Baseball. Collectively, in 2019, the Athletx Sports Group brands will represent over 600 team-based and individual player events across the nation, featuring over 12,500 teams, 165,000 players, 35,000 coaches and 367,000 spectators. In addition to producing first-class events, Athletx boasts a strong media presence with over 590,000 social media followers across its brands’ various Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

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