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Team Meals is the Official Nutrition Partner of Athletx

Youth diamond sports leader, Athletx Sports Group LLC, has partnered with Team Meals Inc. of Wellington, FL to provide healthy, nutritious, well-balanced meals to youth athletes across the nation.

Together, Athletx Sports Group and Team Meals will fuel the bodies and minds of youth athletes and their families, by providing an option for healthy eating and educational nutrition content, without the guilt of not having the time to prepare meals at home. Team Meals provides pre-cooked meals designed by world-class chefs, and Kyle Bellamy, Director of Performance & Nutrition at University of Miami Athletics, to provide the proper amount of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrition to fuel athletes and their families – focusing on pregame fuel-up, mid-game recharge and post-game recovery.

Team Meals is a pre-cooked meal delivery service whereby athletes and their families order from an artfully crafted online menu, choosing the number and type of meals they would like delivered to their home each week. With award winning chefs and top collegiate nutritionists, former professional athletes and travel parents working to design the menu, every meal provides delicious, adequate and balanced nutrition for athletes and their families. “Helping to take athletes to the next level is what we are all about”, said Nicholas Ferraro CEO and co-founder, “and we believe you can have all the skills in the world, but without proper nutrition you won’t compete at the next level as effectively as you will if your body and mind is at full strength. Working with Athletx Sports Group is a major milestone for our company and we are very proud to be partnered with them. Their organization is a key to youth baseball from coast to coast and teaming up with them to fuel young athletes is a major event for this sport.”

Athletx Sports Group is the parent company to several first class youth diamond sport companies within the industry – Youth Baseball Nationals, Youth Softball Nationals, Game Day USA, and Baseball Youth. Collectively, Athletx represents over 260 individual player and team-based events across the nation, featuring over 8,000 teams, 100,000 players, 25,000 coaches and 250,000 spectators per year. In addition to producing first class events, Athletx boasts a strong media presence with over 525,000 social media followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with more than 3.3 million annual web page views and a quarterly baseball magazine, Baseball Youth – the Nation’s Baseball Magazine for Kids. Through these platforms, Athletx Sports Group will provide on-site event access and exclusive deals with Team Meals to athletes and their families.

“Athletx was built on creating great experiences and unforgettable memories for baseball families, like my own,” says Jim Haddaway, Co-Founder & CEO of Athletx. “Our brands are dedicated to delivering something unique, something memorable. We believe that partnering with Team Meals will further our mission to provide our athletes with top-notch experiences on and off the field, and aligns perfectly with our responsibility to give only the best to our athletes and their families!”

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