DivLevel – Travel Baseball’s National Team Classification System

In the interest of supporting a level playing field, Baseball Youth has established the DivLevel team self-classification system for travel teams throughout the country. Comprised of three clearly defined divisions, DivLevel is designed to clarify the often-confusing terminology associated with classifying travel teams. In addition, DivLevel will serve as the basis for Baseball Youth’s team ranking system, where teams from […]

Team Meals is the Official Nutrition Partner of Athletx

Youth diamond sports leader, Athletx Sports Group LLC, has partnered with Team Meals Inc. of Wellington, FL to provide healthy, nutritious, well-balanced meals to youth athletes across the nation. Together, Athletx Sports Group and Team Meals will fuel the bodies and minds of youth athletes and their families, by providing an option for healthy eating […]

Gamed Day USA Merges with Athletx

Fueling the Nation’s Fastest Growing Baseball and Softball Event and Media Brand Indianapolis, Indiana – Leading diamond sports brands, Game Day USA, Baseball Youth and The Youth Baseball and Softball Nationals are coming together under the Athletx Sports Group umbrella to forge the fastest growing and hottest baseball and softball events and media company in […]

Baseball Youth Merges with Athletx

BASEBALL YOUTH NOW POWERED BY ATHLETX SPORTS GROUP, TOGETHER BECOMING THE NATIONAL LEADER IN YOUTH BASEBALL! Two great youth baseball brands are coming together to form the sport’s preeminent youth baseball event and media company. Athletx Sports Group, parent of week-long tournament leader Youth Nationals, has acquired Baseball Youth, the Nation’s Largest Youth Baseball Network, […]